Accessing Info with an expired membership

I am a paying member only thru the summer months as I live in Canada and do not need the membership during the cold months. I want to access the maps that I made as a paying member last year but it says I must be a paying member to see that information. I’m going to be a subscribed member again this year but I don’t want to get the membership until I’m ready to fly again. Probably July 1. Is there a way to access the info. I think I should have access to all the maps that I produced when I was a paying member. The maps were exported to my clients but I didn’t keep copies. Live and learn.

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Hi @MaryAnn,

Unfortunately, you will not be able to access information or features that are only available for paid subscriptions. You will be able to access this data again once you start up your membership again.


I don’t mean to be a pain. I love Drone Deploy and I recommend you all the time. I just don’t understand why I can’t access things I feel I paid for previously. I will get another subscription this year and many years to come I expect. But I am surprised I can’t access things I paid for in years past. You are always improving, and maybe at some point this is something that can be discussed. Thank you Drone Deploy for all that you do.

Hi @MaryAnn,

First off, thank you for being a loyal customer! Our team puts a lot of thought and effort into our product, and we try our best to be fair to all our users. Allowing someone to access data that is only available for paying subscriptions while they are on a free account would make it unfair to all our users who are active members on a paid subscription.


Fairness is often a tricky concept, and often with multiple facets and perspectives. I agree that as the vendor, Drone Deploy sets the rules for what it provides. That said, from reading this forum, it seems to me that Drone Deploy is consistently open to customer feedback. Here is mine:

I may be in the minority, but even as a paying customer, I would not find it unfair for MaryAnn to have access to maps that she already paid Drone Deploy to produce. I had always thought of the subscription as mainly a fee to produce the maps (but this, apparently is incorrect – it is to host them as well). Just a thought, but this restriction could push many seasonal clients to opt for desktop, instead of web-based solutions, which might not be the preferred outcome for either client or DD.
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Just happened to me today. I use our drone for agriculture and as such do not keep a membership for every month of the year.

Logged in today to access my old maps that I spent hundreds of dollars and lots of man hours producing and found that they were “expired” and had been deleted.

I’m more than disappointed.

The attitude projected above by Drone Deploy when confronted by this issue is a slap in the face.

Hopefully I can find an alternative service that maintains market ethics.

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An issue I’m running into related to this, is after not paying the subscription for a bit, now that I reactivated my account my old maps don’t show up. The “Project” shows up, although the map is blank. I used to be able to click through and see the images, elevation, plant health, all that good stuff, and now all of that is gone. If I’m going to pay money again, then can I at least see my data again?

@EarthAdam I’m sorry to hear you are running into this issue. After a free trial or a paid license expires, all processed maps that were created on the DroneDeploy platform with the associated DroneDeploy account are deleted after 90 days, per on our retention policy. This means that processed maps are not accessible after 90 days unless the user re-subscribes prior to that. Please feel free to reach out at so we can check to see if you were effected by this policy or if any of your data is recoverable.

Hi, if we re-subscribe can we access all our data, including raw images, of this map - DroneDeploy

Or, has that data now been deleted?