Access to source code

Hi all, I’m considering opening a drone business and seriously considering leveraging drone deploy and its app market to provide services.

That being said, the question is, if we subscribe to any of the paid plans, do we get source code access to the drone deploy apps and services?

Obviously not for the third party apps but the ones that dronedeploy owns.


Hi @Adrian_Padilla_Vega,

Thank you for your interest in our App Market but we do not provide any of this material to any users.


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I had my title tags set up to include the site name. So each title tag read something like this:

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You get the idea. I imagine most of us have done that. Guess what? Google now sees the “ABC Greatest Marketing Site In The Word ” bit as duplicate content. Not really a problem if you have a 5 article blog, but if you have an ecommerce site with a separate page for each of over 5,000 products as I do then it’s an issue.

I am also app Developer. I get one website that name it provide source code of application. so i’m confuse buy code or not. that games are very good and fully featured.

Hi all,
I am currently doing a project in which I would allow users to open maps and crop his house or company from Google maps. I think your UI part for selecting a given region would be useful for us. Can you please link us to your source for that particular map extraction. It would be so kind of you :).

Thank you.