Ability to set Perimeter while flying

I have searched and searched and either I’m using the wrong search terms or I am not very proficient at searching this forum or possibly BOTH lol.

I would like to fly the aircraft to the various points of the “Grid Perimeter” and set those points on the fly. Then come back (change battery maybe maybe not) and create the grid, configure needed settings for the operation and then fly the mission.

Is there a way to “Create Points” around the perimeter while flying like you can with other 3rd party program? A simple button click on the Tx and a POINT is created and the polygon starts forming? At next point CLICK TX Button and the polygon updates to now include the new point.

I’m trying to collect data for our Emergency Services for several mud slides we have in the area. Their locations are very rough terrain and we can’t do any preplanning at the office because we don’t know the extent or origin of the actual slide until we hike into the area. So a lot of what we are doing is guessing and this leaves us with a lot of extra DATA to deal with.

Is this currently possible?

If not could you please consider adding this feature?

Thanks in advance,
Allen in NC


I haven’t come across a way in DroneDeploy so the best you could probably do right now is make you best guess at a plan, start the mission and free-fly to your spots and then jump back out and adjust the pattern. With Litchi you can plan on the fly, but you can’t make a grid mission that automatically configures. It’s not too bad creating a custom one with waypoints though when you get use to using the dimensions they provide on the string as you drag around the the next waypoint. This is an extreme example, but it allowed for multi-directional with terrain following. Of course this was before DroneDeploy had Terrain Awareness.

Another one I just came across and thought of is UGCS. Maybe this mode would work?

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Excellent reply. Thank you Michael!

I asked Litchi about an auto grid system and they said, “It’s something we’ve talked about but it’s not something high on our priority for features”.

I hadn’t thought about UgCS… I may give that a whirl as well. Thank you.

If I can get it worked out I’ll update this thread with details.


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Nice, haha. They basically told me the same thing when I asked a little while back. I guess they have no interest in the “complexities” of mapping… Like their system isn’t granular. Updates are always appreciated!

I am frankly mystified at the lack of terrain-based flight path (altitude) adjustments. Without this feature, the software is rendered pretty much useless except on the flattest of sites. When is this feature coming? Thanks

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@iosman987 The thread title and your content seem to be a different subject. As to the content, have you tried Terrain Awareness?

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