Ability to set commute speed

I noticed after the latest update on Android my drone will fly at the maximum speed (15m/s) towards the first waypoint. I understand that this is the speed up the mapping speed however it is quite unnerving for me to see my drone flying at that speed and stopping abruptly at the first waypoint.

Can we have a feature where we can also set the commute speed of the drone heading to the first waypoint and coming back home after completing the mission?

Thank you.


As a band-aid for now you can always manually fly to the point and then start the mission if that makes you feel safer.

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply. I didn’t know that I can do what you had suggested. Does it means the steps will be as follows:

  1. Manually fly the drone with the Drone Deploy app using the Manual Flight mode
  2. Fly to the first waypoint
  3. Upload and commence the mission?

Sorry I tried to find the documentation for this in the support / FAQ sites and I can’t find any information. Thank you.

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Yes, the Manual Flight Mode is new and there probably isn’t a whole lot of good information on it as many of us are finding the tricks and the tips. If I want to do this I usually fly to wherever i want with either DroneDeploy or DJI Go4 and then either close and re-open DroneDeploy or close DJI Go4 and open DroneDeploy.

@Andrew_Fraser, can you verify whether or not you can fly with manual mode and then Add a plan? Is the option even available? I don’t see it in the Support documentation, but if not then I think that would be a feature to think about adding so we don’t have to fly with a different app or close and re-open. I mean I have done it hundreds of times including after missions, but I know that it may be a little scary for some.

Thank you, Michael for the reply.

It will be good if @Andrew_Fraser can clarify on this too.

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In the latest release of DroneDeploy Mission you can add a plan during a Manual flight and begin an autonomous mission from the air.

Any documentations on how to carry this out in the Drone Deploy support site?

I verified this in the field today. Once you have the drone connected and green go into Manual Flight. Once in Manual Flight you then do the checklist and launch. The drone lifted a meter or so and once I was flying the blue Add icon showed up over the shutter icon.

Can the camera settings be adjusted in ‘Manual’? With DD unable to take a picture in focus for me, it’s important I’m able to set this up before the starting the mission.

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I would suppose so. It seems like you can do everything you normally do before the Manual>Add command. Choice of camera mode in flight planning as well as getting you focus shot before starting the mission.