Ability to assist matching points

I’m flying phantom 3s in Libreville Gabon most of my results are producing ghosting effects in ortho mosaic I think it might be because of mismatched points of interest can you add a feature to show two windows one with the source second with matched points so we can assist in processing and produce better results most buildings here have over covering rooftops for heavy rain

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What time were these flights flown? They look a bit dark. I’d be interested to see if you have the same effect at noon or so on a sunny day. Also, we recently added a higher overlap option in the settings. If you fly again can you try a flight with and without that setting to see if it helps??

I think we also are failing to set the shutter speed. We fixed this bug and we will have a version out very soon.

All my flights i do at noon and i took a couple of videos after the missions the videos were very clear and i could see everything bright and clear for miles

We will send out the version with the fixed shutter speed today hopefully. I saw you flew again. Did you have the same problems?

The problem is worse now the brightnes is different from shot to shot some came very dark compaired to others and the ortho produced is simply worse so im waiting for the new version

Hassan and chase, please see my latest post in the bug and feedback section, might be what is going on with your exposure settings.

Andrew i already checked for that as soon as the flight was done i opened dji pilot everything was very well exposed and then in last flight i intentionally set the camera to raw+jpg so that dd can reset the settings which it did but for some reason still each image is exposed differently

Hassan is there a pattern to the incorrect exposure, like every 3 or 5 pictures it seems to have the same exposure. kind of sounds like it stuck in bracket mode where it take pics at different exposures to make a HDR image. one way to check is to open up DJI app and hold the shutter button down for a couple of seconds and a new/hidden menu will pop up and you will see more settings for the camera.

Keep your finger held down on the shutter button, another menu
will pop up

No patterns random completely random tried everything

V8 should be setting the shutter speed correctly. I’d be interested to see what your results are like with V8.

V8 resolved the shutter issues but after the smart processing is done im getting issues with building edges as well as horrible 3d outcome

The flight plan is optimized for a survey. The 3D model you obtained looks very good, but it is possible to get an improvement on the sides if you want to take more images. If you want better edges and sides of buildings you can make an additional manual flight after the survey map and taking some oblique 45 degree angle images around your survey area. You can then upload all of these on the dashboard to your plan using the manual upload.

All of this will be a different workflow in the future.

Hi, why has DD not made the 45 degree angle part of the App? I spoke to Mike about this last month at the DDX in SF. When you go throng the forum page it comes up a lot. Customers want this option, is there a reason why DD will not add it?