A3 poor flight characteristics

Hi everyone we use the A3 stand alone flight control and have the followins issues

  1. We use non DJI batteries and the battery voltage reports 0.0v in the app. litchi etc. report proper voltage so I am sure you can fix this easily.

  2. When flying forward the drone speeds up then slows down and speeds up and slows down. this makes it bank quite hard all the time, looks bad and is inefficient. Again Litchi does not do this so i am sure you are almost there :slight_smile:

  3. When turning the drone stops and turns, it needs to just use the YAW and make a nice smooth turn at say 10-20km per hour

We are a enterprise solution provider and are trying to find an app that works properly so that we can provide this app with our drones.

All other functions such as photos and RTL and resume are working well on A3

Thank you