46 out of 78 images calibrated

P3P v1.3.20
DD 1.0.8
Flight altitude 20 meters.

46 out of 78 images have been calibrated (58%). So I’m wondering, is the standard overlapp enough or could you increase this by default?


Using Pix4D Mapper, I have to add…

I’m not sure as I don’t use pix4d. @jeremy would know more. We take images to optimize for our stitching pipeline.

I also stitched it with DD.
And also, DD seems to have similar issues.
Is it possible that the default overlap you use for 20 meters is not big enough?

Ah ok. I’ll take a look at this. We are doing some optimization a with the overlap before a full release but for most maps the current is fine.

Ah. For difficult agriculture maps we have the high overlap option you can turn on. We will be optimizing this one as well. It looks like that might be necessary for this field

Also just wondering about the overlaps. I will be using the maps for engineering and mining purposes. Exporting DSM and point data to use in Autocad and Microstation for designs and contours. How accurate will these types of maps be, using the current overlap?