403 forbidden error on get request to tiles

Hello all,

I am making this request to get tile data
dronedeploy.Tiles.get({planId, layerName: ‘ortho’, zoom: 16})
console.log(tileInformation) });

This error is logged in console
Uncaught (in promise) Response with status: 403 Forbidden for URL: https://www.dronedeploy.com/api/v1/tiles/5605c0e5752afc005a000004/ortho/16
How should i resolve this issue ?

Hi Rahil,

Thanks for trying App Market development.

The two example maps that come with your account have special permissions and don’t work with some API’s. Please visit this link for further information and solutions https://dronedeploy.gitbooks.io/dronedeploy-apps/content/how-to-upload-an-example-project.html.

This is definitely a snag and we are working on ways to make this process easier.