4 Things that are not optimal in the current version of DroneDeploy

DroneDeploy Version mobile - 2.80.0 - 2.80.0
iOS 11.4.1 on iPhone 7

  1. In this update, there has a been the introduction of a new screen when continuing a mission after landing, with a battery on it either red or green, and a button that says “continue mission”. This is incredibly problematic, because I cannot edit the flight mission (i.e. starting waypoint, altitude, sidelap,) when that particular mission is already underway. There is no way to back mission-editing dashboard page after landing, and I have to create a copy EVERY SINGLE TIME something needs to be edited, which introduces inaccuracy and a bunch of unneeded flight plans. There are countless times when this is absolutely necessary, especially when mapping a large area and the app mistakes which waypoint the aircraft last completed, which happens VERY frequently.
  2. In anything other than airplane mode, the app will inevitably crash, sometimes when I am in the middle of flying a mission.
  3. No cancel landing button, No cancel return-to-home button, No button to take manual control of the aircraft.
  4. Many times, the aircraft will take-off to the specified waypoint it should begin at, then hover over that waypoint, and not begin the image capturing. It won’t proceed to the following waypoints. Sometimes, after landing, restarting the aircraft and app, then taking off again two or three times, then it will begin the mission. However, this wastes COUNTLESS batteries, and increases time in the field significantly.
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  1. The new continue screen is designed to provide guidance and a smoother transition. If you need to edit you flight for whatever reason you can close and reopen the app. You will be given the opportunity to resume and choose what waypoint you want to start at. It has become best practice to manually engage RTH after a waypoint closest to you when the battery gets low instead of wasting the time to reshoot the same points. This function has actually been around for a couple if versions.
  2. I have not had any crashing yet.
  3. Flip out of P mode and you have control.
  4. I think this has been reported a couple of times recently. You might search more specifically for it. I have had a similar instance a while back and it would work with wifi off.
  5. Version 2.8.1 is out.

I would also suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the app (if you are connected to cellular or wifi to re-download it) and also turning the mobile device off and back on to clear out possible conflicts.

  1. We are in alignment with Michael’s point above. The new continue mission screen is designed to make your missions smoother and consistent. Users were reporting very inconsistent behavior when making changes and edits to mission mid-flight. This is generally not recommended best practice for successful missions using the DroneDeploy app.

  2. If you are experiencing crashing issues, you might consider checking the storage and memory on your iPhone 7.

  3. You can always take manual control of your drone. Please see FAQs on Piloting Drones for instructions.

  4. We checked your mobile logs and see a number of DJI firmware errors that might be contributing to the erratic behavior with your drone. Please try updating your firmware to start and see if the issue continues to persist.