3rd party Sentera camera not working during mapping mission

Hi all, I have been out in the field trying to collect some NDVI data in some corn and soybean test plots. However when I do the preflight check list I get a message stating that some features will not work using 3rd party camera. I hit ignore and the drone flys the area for the map. After the drone has landed I check the sd card from the double 4K sensor and no Ndvi pictures have been taken during the flight, only the rgb images from the mavic pro 2. I have the 3rd party camera tab set under preferences as well as the live map deselected. I am using the iPhone 13 pro max ios 15.5 . I ran a test flight back in April and was successful with taking the imagery. Now that I am putting it to work I get nothing. Very frustrating to say the least. Thanks in advance for any ideas as to what may be the cause.

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I got it figured out. I was using a 128gb sd card and the double 4K only supports up to 64gb and has to be formatted as a fat32 system.
This link explains it all. https://linkprotect.cudasvc.com/url?a=https%3A%2F%2Fsupport.sentera.com%2Fportal%2Fen%2Fkb%2Farticles%2Fformatting-sentera-mi&c=E,1,TMOPJA-KO2ko_Eyxquk_H5VTLXtd2YR2u2ko6MrPVS5touO-ZCUFyOuholftDKfp0luCConWo2olB6izz0vph2Mff5E4MMzeYqAV4zGQSFrh_ckxdQHx7_P1&typo=1