3D zoom not working

Hi there, I am very new here to DD. I have been playing with the Free version some time and had no issues.

Last week I subscribed to the PRO version and since then I am running into a few issues one of them being that the zoom function for the 3D maps is not working anymore. After I upload the images I see the 3D image appearing but can not zoom in at all. I had a look at older 3D models that were created and those are fine.

Yesterday I did a second flight and run into the same issue.

Does anybody has a suggestion what it can be?

PS I am flying the Mavic 2 Zoom

UPDATE: DroneDeploy had a look and there were some technical issues on their side that prevented the maps from showing well … after they fixed the issues … the maps were working fine again.

Does it render the 3D map properly? When in the 3D model can you rotate the model or drag the model?

Im on Enterprise and was able to process a map yesterday and had no issues in the 3D model.

Are you using the wheel or the right mouse button and pull/push? Also, when you click the mouse wheel in the center of the model and move your mouse does it rotate on that point or does it go off screen? I believe there was a another post recently that share the map and it was obviously out of range.

@GregO: not 100% sure what you mean with ‘render’ (I am not native English) … but the map does look fine (will add the link below). When I am in the 3D model I can not rotate the model or drag it as I can in the other (previously created 3D models that are in the same account).

@MichaelL: I am using the Apple Mouse (which does not give any issues with the other 3D maps). The map behaves totally different to the behavior with the other 3D maps I created before: I can not zoom into the map in great detail for example. When I click the map it does move off of the screen.
What do you mean with your last remark ‘the map … was obviously out of range’?

This is a link to one of the maps not working properly on my side: https://www.dronedeploy.com/app2/data/5cbc4278ccb390a2be55520b;jwt_token=eyJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzY29wZSI6WyI1ZGI3ZmI3ZGMwXzU2RUM0QjVGREVPUEVOUElQRUxJTkUiXSwidHlwZSI6IlJlYWRPbmx5UGxhbiIsImlkIjoiNWNiYzQyNzhjY2IzOTBhMmJlNTU1MjBiIiwiZXhwIjoyNTM0MDIzMDA3OTl9.NA06FPFmBZ7J3SvRFg7JmaNtC855_F9V0NNcLk6XeZwjyj4oZUrmTphT1sXH3tOtCqJ9IJoG2OlPUEvtxwPcZg

Hey Richard,
Render is drawing the 3D image, which the link shows it does.

Out of range, your 3D shows the Point of View from a long distance away, like the camera angle to view the 3D image is say 50 km away vs 1 km (not to scale, just an example).

I’m able to zoom in/out and pan and drag around the map. I am not able to zoom completely in to a car take up half the screen,

Zoom In

Zoom Out

Ctrl Key used to turn map

I can’t tell if these floating parts of a image is trees/hills on the edge of the map or is its corrupted data on the map.

This floating parts could cause the “Out of Range” type scenario where there could be 1 pixel say 100km away because it was corrupted data. That 1 pixel could prevent you from scrolling all the way like you would think. Think of it this way I build a 3D box - 100x100x100, I put a normal map in that area, I can max zoom 10x with no issues. Now lets make that 1000x1000x1000, if I max zoom 10x I can do the math and I would only zoom into 100x100x100 vs a 10x10x10 (as above).

So I think your map a corrupt pixel somewhere. Try re-uploading your photos as a New Map and when it shows your Blue Photo Locating Dots, move the Blue lines in to make the map a little smaller. This is a test to see if there is a edge issue. If this works then we can try a New map will all the data as it was presented to you, this would verify if your getting the same results as the first map or if it fixed itself.

@AlexHennessey is a DD rep that can help if the problem consists. Alex take a look at the link above and see if your team can see/think of a reason why it can’t zoom in more. I get fully functionality on my side but I’m hitting the max zoom limit and the view port is still pretty far away.

Richard keep us posted

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Hi @GregO thanks for the hints … it could very well be a ‘border’ issue … both maps had some issues so I had to redraw the map when I uploaded the images. The strange items you see on the side is places where sun in reflecting into the water next to the property.

I will reupload the images and make sure to make the area a bit smaller than the Dots. Will keep you posted

It shouldn’t happen with a rectangular map like this, but sometimes I experience the same behavior when modeling a long roadway. also, can you verify using the distance or location annotation that the vertical elevations look correct? Like @GregO mentioned, if there are any pixels in space then it could be the cause also. You will notice this by right-clicking on the center of the project and if it does not pivot on screen then it is truly not the center of the point cloud.

I would export a mid-sized orthomosaic and see what comes out. Maybe more importantly export it as your local state plane projection so we can see if the coordinates are correct. Where are you? Please share a link to download it so I can take a look in GIS software.

If all of this checks out then I would contact support@dronedeploy.com.

Let us know how the re-upload goes. I would look for any images that may have too much background or horizon visible.

Hey @richardtr,

While a re-upload is never a bad idea, since you are a Pro user I suggest you reporting this zooming issue into us at support@dronedeploy.com. From there we will have the bandwidth to look into this specific map in further detail.

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