3D Web Viewer - crashes if high-res images chosen

I’ve had this happen on several computers, and while I recognize the viewing framework is likely a 3rd party solution, perhaps there is some error-checking that can be implemented in your solution to prevent this.

When I open my 3d model (relatively small), I have no problems with the default resolution textures. When I choose high resolution, the browser (chrome 49.0.2623.110 m on Windows 7 32 bit, 4GB ram) bogs down, and then eventually the page/application crashes. I believe the high-res 3d model did work on my nexus 5 android chrome viewer.


Hi @bdmartens - we do sometimes hear this from customers on Windows 7. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that it can consistently comfortably load the High Res, though it can load the standard definition view.


Thanks Neema,
I have had success in that same model on my home Windows 10 computer.
I did, however, have the same error on the Windows 10 system with a larger 3d model, attempting to use high-definition, Is it possible to put error handling in there, using the user agent identifiers, to trigger warnings or prevent attempts of similar over-extending capabilities?