3D View of Terrain Following

A 3D view of Terrain Following would be helpful when building missions for sites with complex terrain with very large elevation changes that you haven’t flown before. Something like Qbase 3D does which I use for Trinity’s fixed wing aircraft.

Nice! What would 3D do that the profile doesn’t?

It would allow me to virtually view the site to better compare the topography information DD is using with some other sources I have and to insure trees won’t come into play based on tree height measurements that have been made. Three’s some complex sites I have to fly with large elevation changes and varying tree heights of 100-200 feet where I have a target GSD to discern small objects on the ground so I don’t have the luxury of setting very high flight altitudes so I don’t have to worry that there is no remote possiblity the trees may come into play. Seeing a 3D representation of the terrain DD is assuming allows me to plan missions with more confidence.

Could you share the other sources that you are using that is accurate enough to cover trees? When those kinds of things come into play the srtm that is used is broad enough to DTM them itself.