3D view is odd to watch... no X axis to turn only able to flip


I did a new map and when going into the 3D part I can only flip the image and not rotate it. why?
the back round is also not black but obstructing colorish like the blurred version of the rendered image.

any info on that would be great.


p.s.: is there a reason for not automatically updating to the pro menu interface when switching from free to a paid plan?
I have to render all the pics again now :smiley:

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Hi @phatzo,

I’m a bit confused what you’re referring to with your 3D models. Can you explain it a bit more?

Also, what do you mean about upgrading to the pro menu interface?

can you send us the Flight ID of this model? We’ll re-upload it. Thanks!

@phatzo is correct you can not rotate left or right the 3D image.

I have a similar/same problem. I mapped a vehicle but it is positioned vertically and I can only spin it round when it is vertical. So you see the top and underneath the vehicle. Is there a away to change the set orientation?

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mine from yesterday does the same thing. Pity I can’t rotate in all directions :frowning:

no response from DD?

hi @snbgreen - this is a duplicate thread. please see here for response:



I’m having the same problem. It seems that if a map is created NOT in landscape mode (i.e. where the vertical side of the map is LONGER than the horizontal side), then in 3D view, the Z-axis is in the wrong place, and its impossible to move around the model. Any attempt to move around the model (or turn the model around its axis) causes it to flip over upside down. The Axis are wrongly orientated.

Hi @torture4 - sorry to hear that. Could you please send us the Map ID to support@dronedeploy.com and reference your post here, and we’ll look into it further?

Where do I find the map ID from?

Should be on the data page for that map. If you click on the name of the map, a section will pop up with more info about that map, including the id.

Ok, found it. Thanks!

I’m having exactly the same issue.

Map loads vertically, in ‘Lit’ mode (instead of ‘Shadeless’), in SD instead of HD, and has that ghastly coloured background. It can’t be rotated.

Maps of the exact same location which I created while in Pro trial mode, load perfectly and have a dark background. You can orbit them as expected. This is definitely a bug. Is there something you can do to fix this?