3D Models - Terrain v Structure - Positive Processing Feedback


Just thought I would post up my positive findings from a terrain versus structures processing example recently. The site is a ruined castle in Wales (full model can be seen here ). The walls have some openings for former windows and arches and I was finding that in the terrain version of the 3D model produced straight from the verticals, or with obliques added after, all of the openings were blocked and smeared. Reprocessing in the structures version with obliques properly rendered these openings correctly without any smearing. I will definitely be using structures processing for all buildings from now, whether ruinous or not. See the examples below:

Terrain version with obliques added = smearing of arch opening

Structures version with obliques added = correct open arch displayed

Terrain version with obliques added = window openings blocked

Structures version with obliques added = windows correctly displayed


Great observations @markwalters - the major difference between the processing is whether we constrain the models to have overhangs, openings and holes. Terrain is faster and more robust, but won’t be able to create those complex 3D structures you were looking for.

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