3D Modell Printed by a 3D Printer

Is it possible to bring the 3D modell in a Format to print it with a 3D printer and if it is which printer would you recomment?

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hi @HawkeyeProduction - we actually did a blog post on this process! Please see here:

How to Use a Drone to Make 3D Printed Models

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I thought that was a great post.
I did have a few questions on the uploading to 3dhubs.com.
When uploading does it just accept the .OBJ file? Or do you need to upload al the jpeg that are normally associated with the downloaded 3d model?
Also I did attempt to upload a model on there and for some reason it had no color and looked off. Are there any tips on this?

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hi @Infinity from what I’ve heard, you need the zipped file that has the jpeg texture files. It may be worth reaching out to 3DHubs directly as well for help with their platform.