3D Model Trouble and Other Concerns

I can’t full screen a 3D map anymore for screen capture and there is a logo in the corner. Working on a project due Monday and this is troubling. Can I go back to the old viewer somehow. I just subscribed for the paid app and it’s not what I expected, the logo on screen is unacceptable. I understand if you’re having start up issues with the new viewer and I hope that’s all this is. Just got my first big client that wants 3D model videos so please advice. Should I open another free account and share from the new one to get the old viewer? Also says I need to reprocess for elevation, what? really? Please tell me this is not how it is now.

You can get past the logo issue by using a blank PNG file and yes you need to reprocess old maps to take advantage of the new 3D viewer capabilities.

Maps are processed with the features of the plan they are on at the time of processing. Your older maps will need to be reprocessed under the new plan to incorporate the new features into them. You can contact support to reprocess them or do the following.

You can always use the Upload images button under the plus sign on the lower part of your dashboard to upload/re-upload any images. Just choose Upload Images, name it as you wish and upload as normal. You don’t need to have a flight plan flown to upload.

I think the new 3D viewer has a button onscreen directly to reprocess.