3D model: spurious points in the point cloud

Summary of Issue:

First time to use DroneDeploy; sorry if this is a stupid question.

I captured a very nearly fantastic 3D model of the Navigation Day Mark at Kingswear in Devon, UK.


Unfortunately the model has a number of spurious points in the point cloud which sit outside of the 3D model in mid air.

Is there any easy way to remove these or to discover the root cause and remove them from the source photographs?

Date Issue Began:


Drone Model:

Mavic Pro, latest firmware. Capture with DJI GS Pro then uploaded to DroneDeploy (I think GS has better support for 3D model capture)

Mobile Device Model and OS version:

iPad pro with IOS 11.0.1 (Not really relevant as I didn’t use the DroneDeploy app)

The problem here is you got the sky in all the pictures. That is likely causing your artifacts. The first rule of 3D modeling with a drone is to keep the camera pointed down at an angle to keep the sky out.
These may help.

Thanks, very useful. I’ll give it a try (using other photos I already have as I’m now in another country…). I’ll post the result as soon as I can.