3D Model rendering as 2D

I am a new user here, so I have a lot of learning to do to get full use out of this service. I have become stuck with two issues I have not been able to get passed:
I have loaded three flight images and when I look at the 3D model I receive a message of “This model has not been published yet”. What does that mean? I do get a 3D rendering with the other two images. Secondly, the 3D views that I do get do not show much relief. Is there a way to exaggerate the land contour to be able to better view the image?

How big are these maps? When you say 3 images, do you mean there are only 3 images in the whole map? Generally this is not enough.

To get better models, obtain your NADIR images (straight down) and also get some obliques at various angles (45 degrees is a good start). The blog has saved me the trouble of going into too much detail here, this article is very useful: https://blog.dronedeploy.com/4-ways-to-improve-the-accuracy-of-your-drone-models-with-3d-mapping-software-adbd8023abe9.

How I should have stated it is that I have uploaded imagery sets from three different flight missions. Each imagery set is comprised of a few hundred individual images.