3D Model Glitches


A glitch in a 3D model. No sun so I don’t know what happened.


Is there a picture that goes with this? Did the 3D model get generated but has a problem? Were photos taken on a cloudy day with no sun so there should have been good results? I am not sure what the problem is.


Ha, that would help I guess. Posting from a phone is hazardous. Thin winter clouds so it was bright, but no extremes.


I just looked through the originals and they are crisp. Definitely no blowout. I think I will just upload again and see.


Nice special effects on the roof. Very groovy.


2nd run looks a little better. All the same settings. I’m going to process myself to see what happens.


Here is Pix4D Cloud. The roof looks a little better, but the overall detail (resolution) isn’t quite there. I don’t think they cut near as much out. Note the trees.