3D model creation OK on First , but not OK afterward

I flew a Building aerial survey of a city block in Miami, uploaded the photos, data. I purposefully flew two missions , each with a 60 degree gimble angle so I would get good imagery of the of all sides of the buildings. I uploaded the photographs,and Drone Deploy created a great 3D model of all the 10 building on the city block on day one. On days and three Drone Deploy fails to create the same 3D models. Now the sides of the buidings are melted, or missing, or otherwise look like a fire destroyed them. What the heck?? Why do I not get the same model reproduction on day 2 , day 3 and more? My clients would never buy into these drone surveys because the models are not stable, look like hell, and not worth paying a professional drone pilot for. Any help??

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You should contact them via email.