3D Mapping for volume measurements

We have the opportunity to perform a site inventory for a local lumber mill, and I want to ensure we get the best outcome possible. They want to inventory both their logs & finished lumber stock.

I intend to fly the site (approx 30 acres) in both the NorthS and EastW directions. I also will apply high overlaps (as always). And I thought I would fly one mission at 400 ft & the other at 300 ft.

So question #1. Will DD nicely stitch 2 datasets flown at different altitudes?

And secondly, does anyone have any advise for us to ensure a more successful outcome.

Thanks in advance,

Hi CPL, have you seen this. It is possible through Map Engine: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/adding-images-to-a-map

As to your second question, forgive me, can you please elaborate a bit more? What are you looking for?

second question, I was just trolling the forum, to see if anyone has any good tips to achieve better 3D models. I’ve read most of the posts & docs about it & I think I understand the nuances, but there’s always some subtle things you can do.

For instance, I understand that a pass or 2 across the property with the camera at an oblique angle is good practice, true?

Any other tips?

And thanks for the great support you all provide.

Thank you and you’re welcome (ha)!

So to answer, two is good. I got a crazy tip to walk around the structure(s)/property with the drone in hand and take pictures, but make sure you don’t get any sky in the background.

Also, there is a group I admin called sUAS Commercial Mapping Pilots. One of our users, Ørjan Sandland, has been making some stunning 3D models and I bet you would learn some tips we haven’t gotten to yet.


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