3d map detail seems to melt together

hi there
brand new to this - using a p4pro - my images that I upload to the portal seem to blend into each other and what I can only describe as ‘melt together’ so there is no definition - can any one tell me where I’m going wrong?

I’ve taken a screenshot here so you can see what I mean:




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Sculpting good 3D models with a drone is part art and part science at this time. Gaining experience in how best to apply the techniques to optimize the models is the best approach.
Along with the Nadir grid photos, getting good sequential overlapping oblique images without the sky in them is key. Many people use the POI feature in the DJI Go app to get good overlapping oblique images.

These documents give good insight on how to go about it.

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What were your flight settings (height, direction, sidelap and overlap)? For direction did you fly perpendicular to the building faces or diagonally?

I was around 350 ft (too high maybe?) sidelap and overlap at 80% and was flying diagonolly accross the buildings.

I see now there is a 3d toggle switch on the dronedeploy set up when creating a map which I didn’t notice/see before.

What’s your advice on the height/direction/sidelap/overlap?



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I typically fly at 250-260 and no more than 300. If I have to fly that high for battery purposes I just concede to running two batteries. That usually means a pretty big site so sometimes I have to have two separate flights to maintain visual contact. The reasoning for lower altitude is a lower angle of attack and better resolution. If you are trying to hit the bottom and middle of the wall you will have to be further away from the subject if you are flying high which decreases resolution as well.


I know you will be told that the more overlap the better, but I am getting pretty amazing results with 65 side/70 front. I would try perpendicular to the building faces if conditions allow. I haven’t had much luck with the 3D mode yet, but that’s definitely the way to go if it works for you. I don’t use it primarily because I use Ground Control Points and I am not getting as good of accuracies with oblique images. Not bad grade, just not sub-centimeter.

Hi there

thanks for that.

I’ll see how this one I’ve just shot comes out using 3d mode - having read a blog post about this too I also took a series of shots manually from a 45 degree angle of the side of the building too at different heights whilst circumnavigating it - currently uploading those too - will see how those come out - all a bit of a learning curve - thanks for your input.


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