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Dear Michael!
I would like to ask if the drone photos taken by the program can be supplemented with photos from a 4K camera? I am making a 3D model of a tree-covered building and the side of the building is not fully visible in the images taken by the drone. If so, would you tell me what kind of 4K camera would be appropriate? Thanks in advance! Best regards: Gabor

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You might try hand holding your drone to take additional pictures. This way the camera specs will be guaranteed to match those of your other pictures.


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Dear Terry!
Thanks for the reply. I have photographed with the drone in my hand so far. Then everything stays the same.
Sincerely, Gábor

I agree with Terry that the best results are going to be from the drone being hand held. This keeps the metadata and the GPS logs in line.

That said, yes you should be able to mix images from your phone as well as long as they are the same size as the drone images. Changes in aspect ratio will occasionally work, but distortions will be different and mine have more often turned out worse than better. I think that a difference and possible lack of camera profiles may not help as well.

I have also experienced some issues that DroneDeploy attributed to very large difference in altitudes so it’s probably not recommended when that difference is more than 100-150 feet. I think you might have a little better luck in the desktop version of Pix4D, but theirs and DroneDeploy’s web-based solutions are not optimized for that kind of processing.

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Dear michael! I first tried the DD panorama program. One of my questions is that you can’t save it to be ready and paste into another program? Or share, for example, Can people see and see Facebook as a panorama? Best regards: Gabor

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The DroneDeploy workflow is to simply take the images and upload them. They take care of the stitching and formatting. You can then share the link to the pano however you like, but in order to get a full frame image that can be shared on sites other than DroneDeploy without a link then you will need to create that full frame on your own. I use Microsoft ICE to stitch the images and then GIMP to make the canvas the correct size. For Facebook in particular you have to enter some camera information so that Facebook treats it like a pano.

Image Editing for Facebook 360 through Microsoft ICE and GIMP

from this Thread.

Dear Michael!
I made a 500 feet route for a panoramic plan. I made 2 copies of it. One is 330 Feet, the other is 220 Feet. I flew all three properly and uploaded the pictures. However, I can only see the end result in 500 Feet. How can I bring up a panoramic image with another image height?

Is that why I can zoom in and out on a panoramic image because it brings together a result from three different heights?
If I want to take a panoramic view of the same area from multiple heights, do I need to create a completely new plan for each elevation plan result?

I wasn’t able to view the example you tried to link. Make sure you are using the “View only” link from the sharing option at the bottom left of the navigation pane.

Each pano will need to be its own plan and uploaded separately. One thing to consider is that they need to be slightly offset from each other or they will be hard to distinguish on the screen because they will be right on top of each other or so close to each other that you cannot zoom in enough to select them individually. You can used GeoSetter to change the position of each set of photos if you already have them and don’t want to or can’t revisit the site.

If you are saying that one of the panos is at 500ft AGL then please make sure you are breaking any regulations.

„I wasn’t able to view the example you tried to link. Make sure you are using the “View only” link from the sharing option at the bottom left of the navigation pane.”

Can you send me a picture of what you think? Based on the link sent, no one saw the result. Something really isn’t good for me.


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Thank you Michael! Thank you!

360 Panorama!

66 feet


500 feet


330 feet


220 feet


200 feet


100 feet


I did these for experience. Made with a trial version. I shared it for trial with my mom’s email address, copying the link as you suggested. We can’t open it. What can we do to check it in a stranger’s email?

I do not know what to do! Next week, I would like to present the sample at a trial so I can start working on the payment program. What to do?

I am guessing that it is probably because it is a trial account. @Andrew_Fraser?

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Check your settings under Organization / Security - for the ‘Require sign-in to view shared data’ setting.


Are you speaking of Gaben’s scenario? I don’t know that he has those options.

Dear Michael!
1062 pictures were taken of an area. There were only 999 images queued on the SD card. He put the rest in another folder in 101 Media. That’s why 62 photos were taken that started from 1 and so there were 62 photos with the same serial number. How can I copy this into the DD program? Or, can you set it to keep your photos continuous within a folder? Rather, I would like to ask how the DD program compiles photos in the right place to be a perfect 3D model? What do I need to consider?
Think GPS, for example, based on the serial number of the images? Maybe I’m asking nonsense.

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When this happens I just batch rename the images in the second folder. Then once I get them all in the same folder I can rename them again with the project number or name and they come out something like this. You can even sort by date taken ascending before renaming to get them back into the correct order.

PROJECT_18027 (1)
PROJECT_18027 (2)
PROJECT_18027 (3)

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Thank you very much Michael! I was also looking for a program for this so I could put it together in ascending order. Thank you very much!