3D embedding

I’m attempting to use the embedding option but am only able to get a 2d image to display. The image has the “play” button over the top but it is not clickable. I suspect that there are other dependents that are required and missing. There is also an error in the coding, allowfullscreen should be allowfullscreen="" or allowfullscreen=“true” etc. I also had to remove utm_ as I couldn’t get the code working. Any help would be appreciated.

On a side note, does anyone know how to crop and permanently recenter a 3d image?

The allowfullscreen attribute is correct. It doesn’t need a value.

I’m not sure why you’re having trouble with the utm values. Do you have some sort of service that disables tracking services such as an ad blocker, etc?

The allowfullscreen errors out if you don’t put ="" (no value). The site I used to test the code could be blocking it. I used a blog. I will try a primary domain this week, when I get a chance.
Any other thoughts?

hmm. What do you see related to allowfullscreen that errors out?

Check out the sketchfab code for embedding on a public model that they have: https://sketchfab.com/models/5d3a75fea7054d88a06797fb3c2e2969

When I place the code, I get an error stating “Could not load template preview: Error parsing XML, line 840, column 62:
Attribute name “allowfullscreen” associated with an element type
“iframe” must be followed by the ’ = ’ character.”, so I place =’’ and all is well. Basically, allowfullscreen requires a value, even if the value is nothing.

But this is not my issue, I posted this for informational purposes only.

Ahh. It does sound like this is related to where you’re embedding it and how it’s parsing the HTML. Sketchfab support might be more help troubleshooting this.