3D display Not compatible

I’m using the 30 day trial. I’m getting an error message when trying to display the 3D image. Error says … For Compatibility reasons … 3D is not available. (See Requirements). Looked for “Requirements” and cant find that either.

issue seems to be related to firefox. Chrome works good.

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Problems seem to occur in Android as well. Not even Chrome works on either my Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Issue came up just a week or two ago. Before that both worked well.

hi @hawkeye - we’ve disabled 3D models on mobile for now. This was a tough call to make because of the convenience of mobile viewing, but we saw that customers experienced quite a few issues trying to view models made of hundreds or thousands of images on tablets. Devices would crash or have issues loading the maps. We’ve decided for now to provide a more consistent experience on DroneDeploy.com vs. an inconsistent experience on our mobile app. Thank you for your feedback and understanding.

Thanks for the quick reply. I hope you’ll solve the performance issues of mobile viewing and revive the feature. It was a handy way to show prospective clients what one can do!

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