3D Cropping


I’m wanting to smooth out the edges of my 3D model. I’ve tried using Blender but to no avail, even after watching YouTube tutorials that weren’t of much help to begin with. This particular model is of a home with some trees around the edge of the property that doesn’t look too good and are a bit of a distraction. Also, part of the neighbor’s home is on the edge as well. All I’d like to do is have a nice, smooth rectangular finish on all four sides. Any help is very much appreciated!




The model can be cropped in Rhino 6 with a script I have. If you send me a link to your 3D model, I will try to crop it for you. Or you can install Rhino 6, import your OBJ file and use its Mesh Tools tab to select Split or Trim Mesh (these are the 13th and 14th icons from the right in the top portion of the tool bar). My script works more reliably but you may be able to get the standard Rhino Trim/Split mesh command to work for your case.

McNeel’s Rhino 6 offers a fully-functional, free 90-day trial. After that it can be used for free as a viewer which will include trimming meshes. For output you could use screen capture. Or you can export it if you buy a license after the 90-days is up.



Thanks! I was finally able to get it cropped with MeshLab but now my issue is getting it exported or saved as a file that I can send to someone else for them to view. I still want to explore the other options you mentioned but in the meantime do you have any suggestions about exporting?


I am not familiar with Meshlab. Are you saying it does not support export of an OBJ file with textures? I read the features documentation for Meshlab and it seems like this should be no problem. Rhino will do this for sure.

If you can export the OBJ file with textures, then anyone could use the widely available Microsoft 3D Viewer to view it in 3D with textures. 3D Viewer was a part of my Windows 10 installation so it was easy to use.



I got it to export the file as an OBJ but when I open it up in my Preview app on my Mac, the image is basically all white. I tried sending the OBJ link to you in a separate message but it wouldn’t accept the file type to be sent. Would you mind PMing me your e-mail so that I can send it there? Thanks.


Sounds like the viewer didn’t pick up the textures. Were there separate texture files?


Not sure if your Mac machine has the ability to pick up OBJ files. I would make sure you are on the latest version of your mac OS. The newer versions of mac have the ability to pick up OBJ.


These are the files that I have.06%20PM