360 Walkthroughs

Good morning from Texas! I want to start a thread for anyone out there that might be doing 360 video and/or the DroneDeploy 360 Walkthrough functionality. I just purchased an Insta360 One R and am ready to get after it!

First question is has anyone found or come up with a hardhat mount?

Found it.

I have not personally used it, but another drone services company that I do a lot of subbing for has, and they said they are NOT VERY IMPRESSED AT ALL! Very poor quality and did not want to work like it’s supposed to.

Thanks for the reply. Detail would be great, especially what camera they used. Mine will be here tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get to do some testing this week. Insta360 One R Ultimate 5.3/5.7k.

That’s the exact camera they used first, and when it came out so grainy they bought a Theta Z1 with the same results. I think DD may have rushed this product out too quickly. I’m hoping they start seeing better results because I’m definitely interested in offering this as well as my clients are interested.

I’m 100% certain on this. It seems like traditional beta testing doesn’t exist any more and despite how good they think their inhouse testing is that we end up doing more testing now in the field than average users should. Personally I don’t mind as my job has always been to basically be a beta tester so it’s no skin off my back, but I also understand that this isn’t what people are paying for. I told our sales rep the other day that I am really not looking forward to paying for a solution that I know isn’t going to work as expected immediately. From what I have read about the camera itself I have a feeling that I already know a few of the things that are going on, but it will be more clear once I have had the chance to run one and see it come out the other end of DroneDeploy. I know this is touted for building walkthroughs, but I think I am just as excited to capture the civil site from my truck. Amazon shows it being delivered today so fingers crossed.

First test. The camera was pretty easy to setup and there wasn’t a allot of manipulation of the default settings. Connected to the phone via WiFi quickly and the preview delay from the camera to the phone was maybe 1 second.

A 1min25s video took about 40 minutes to process. The GIF doesn’t do it just, but it is definitely not HD quality. I am going to look at the settings tonight because I fear it is going to struggle in low light. I don’t feel that it zooms out enough and zooming in more than two clicks is kind of futile with the resolution. I am viewing it on a 43" 4K monitor so it may be a little stretched, but it is effective and lining up the path to where I was worked great. I think this will work really well outside.

Another question is why does it state that the upload requires two INVS files? Or is it no more than two? I tried 3 and it said “Expected Two”. @Andrew_Fraser @Anjanette_Hill

I’ll also note that it automatically quite recording when I got back to my starting point, but I don’t know if it did that intelligently or if it was a coincidence.

A couple of modifications that would be helpful. @Andrew_Fraser @Anjanette_Hill @Jamespipe

  1. Make the DroneDeploy logo spot smaller. They are distracting.
  2. Provide the ability to turn them on and off. Not very good for taking screen snippets.
  3. Provide a screen capture function.

…and I am sure the functionality is coming, but just so everyone knows you cannot use 360 Walkthroughs on your iPad.

First real project at The Texas School for the Deaf. I did the site and 3 floors. Our work is about 65% civil so I am pretty excited about site walks, but moreso putting it on my truck.

Site Walkthrough

The first floor looks decent from outside, but the inside looks terrible. @Andrew_Fraser @Anjanette_Hill @Jamespipe

I did some more testing and carrying a loon Lime Cube or attaching it to the hard hat as well makes quite a difference.

Hi folks,

Thanks for your feedback - any specifics or screenshots are helpful as we are continually developing and improving the product. We ran a 2 month beta process with early adopters before release and typically we’ve seen really positive results so far in multiple industries. We’re working on Procore and BIM360 sync for issues annotated in the walks.

Settings are important - here’s our guide:

I have found the best images from my Insta360 one X2 and smallest file sizes using 5.7K timelapse mode. For realistic expectations - our drone 360s are 108Mpx, and these cameras are capable of 16MPx frames of compressed video - the cameras absolutely will have a harder time in low light.

Agree that we need to make the pano location markets less visible, unless you are hovering your mouse nearby.


So I should be using time lapse on the 360 instaed of video? That’s not what the support docs say.

Best to follow the support doc, but if you have time to try timelapse I have had good results with that mode, and 10x smaller uploads.

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Had a bit of a fail trying to use the time lapse method instead of the video, but I failed check my settings and used the defaults. Just a heads up for anyone that if you use time lapse to bring the interval down to 1 second.

Now to go mount this thing on my truck! Cool tech isn’t just for buildings…