360 Pano Photo Count Number in Multiple Mission

When there are more than one 360 pano in a multiple mission could a photo counter be added beside the pano name. The number currently shown seems to be the total number of images taken to date in the mission. However if you are doing multiple panos is would be good to have the photo count progress of each pano. Therefore I would recommend an addition to the app display to show a photo count when taking each pano. This would be informative as it will give the pilot a better indication of the progress of each individual pano and when the drone will move to and start the next item in the queue.

I think this is a limitation where DroneDeploy can’t change the naming through the DJI SDK. Your best bet is to look for the nadir images which start the set. I setup my daisy-chains by area of the site so I typically have a few aerials, a video and then the pano and then move to the next area and repeat.

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