3-Party App Update

Has there been a lot of apps being submitted by users and developers that have yet to pass the DD QAQC process or do we all need to be working harder to try to develop these apps as DD users? Just curious…

EDIT: Quick update - We’ve got a new and better way to submit ideas! Go here to submit and vote on App ideas!

Hey there, you’re more than welcome (and encouraged) to develop your own app if you need it for a specific purpose or have a great idea. At the moment we are still moving forward with lots of framework updates for developers that will increase their capabilities to make great apps (exposing tracking events, stats, opening up new APIs, and more).

Of course, some developers are totally capable of making apps but they just don’t know what to make. If you have an idea or suggestion, please check out this thread and leave it there: App Requests - Request New Apps For The App Market Here!