3 models on adroid phone

Have a problem on mine Adroid phone.
I downloadet the app. sign in but when i wanted to see 3d Models it says :
sing in from deskop to see 3d models.
I am signed in my pc, in my app everywhere.

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3D model viewing is not enabled on mobile devices. Perhaps in the future as they improve the viewer.

It’s a shame, because they used to work and work really well. Many mobile devices are more than capable of running the model, yet it seems they’ve applied a blanket ban on it.

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To me the v4 dashboard killed it all. It really minimized the devices that could be used and has emphasized the Apple preference. In my opinion we need to have two different apps for all the functionality that is currently in the “flight” app. There needs to be a much simplified app for flight and another for consumption and analysis. Especially with the big push on 360 walkthroughs and Issues.

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I agree. V4 more or less crippled my 18 month old 2018 iPad Pro, forcing me onto the ‘20 and now the ‘21.

What I find frustrating is that when I log in through Chrome using Desktop-mode, it provides the option to enter the model, but it never loads up, seemingly because it’s detected the device and it’s been blocked.

Yeah, I tried that as well and got nowhere. It’s just not possible at this time.