3 Meg limit

I am new to DD and I am using a Phantom 4. I just did a 120 ac field at 380 feet and collected 500+ pictures. When I
processed the images a warning came up about a 3 meg processing limit (I uploaded 3.34 meg and the image processed fine).

I want to do a 240 acre field next I will surly exceed the 3 meg limit.

What are the limits.
What setting do I need to change to do larger fields without going over 400’ and still high quality. I am using the default side and front lap settings.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


Hi @gwagner, please know that each plan has a limit after which data quality will suffer. If you are planning to process larger maps, you may need a larger plan. If you’re going over 2000 images, you may want to consider contacting sales@dronedeploy.com to set up a call.