2D only Project Types Selection - Hide Buttons to Data Not Being Used

In many cases we just want to share a 2D map with a client, no 3D, no NVDI, no elevation map, etc. It would be really helpful if you could add two features:

  1. Add an option when creating a project that designates the project as an Ortho 2D Map Only project. When that options is designated just do a 2D stitch of the photos and don’t apply any photogrammetry. (Otherwise the edges of the 2D ortho look all funky - Photoshop does a better job than DD in that respect right now.) Also when this option is checked, remove the 3D button, the Elevation button and the Volume button from the project.

  2. If NVDI isn’t selected, remove the NVDI button.

It’s just unnecessary a bit confusing to the client to present them with navigation options that aren’t relevant to the project.

To get rid of the funky edges you might crop it tighter as described here.