2D mosaic not resolving straigh line

Hello guys. I need to fly to take pictures of the city to make a big mosiaic. It produces a very good mosaic but in some lines there is deformation. I flow the area twice, 1st one with 30% overlap (front and side), not good results; 2nd 60% side and 40% front, had better results but not perfect. Should I increase side overlap? For a 2D mosaic should we have that much side overlap? I thinking on increasing side not front because front overlap is much more than the 40% i have asked for, in fact a single detail could be found in more than 3 pictures. Thanks for your comments. Carlos.

I guess it could depend on your usage of the mosaic, but for me the lowest overlap I have been using is 70-75%. I am always ending up with around 1,000 pictures. Thank god for that fiber optic cable in the neighborhood :+1:t2: