2D Map Appearance

I am experiencing varied map exposures/contrasts when viewing them versus what I uploaded. As an amateur photographer I post-process all my images to mitigate shadows and blowouts so I think that maybe whatever equalizing DroneDeploy does might be an issue?


Of course I can’t rotate or get the proper zoom scale, but you get the idea.


Hi @MichaelL,

Hope you are doing great. As for the map exposure/contrasts variability, we do equalize the exposure/white balance between all the cameras during the stitching process. That being said, performing that post-processing that you are doing on your end could be inducing exposure differences between the images. We do try to correct those exposure differences and that could cause the variability that you are seeing between the uploaded images and the final processed map.

You could try testing uploading the original images without the post-processing that you are doing and create another one with the edited images and compare results.

I hope this information is helpful.


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Hi, I’m very new to DroneDeploy, but I suggest enhancing the map after you download the whole thing rather than before you upload the images. The images are huge but I find Photoshop or Gimp works them fine on my Dell laptop with i5 and 8 GB of ram.

I have done allot of testing and post-processing the individual images for histogram balance and shadow removal actually adds tie-points and creates a better point cloud regardless of what DroneDeploy does on their end. I just notice that many of the maps are not quite as sharp as the images that I have uploaded. It would be a nice switch to turn off.

Agreement on GIMP. I have been using it for almost 10 years and it is a great universal editor. ACDSee is better for post-processing though. Thanks!