2D export without wrapping images to 3D

I would like to be able to export a 2D image without having the image wrapped around the 3D data. In other words, just merge the original images without any additional processing (keeping geo meta data, of course). I would find this useful both as a GIS layer and also as a jpg for use in graphic design materials. I would like to see this as a separate 2D export (not to replace the current one, which also has it’s uses)

On a related note, maybe add a feature like gigapan (super high res images that allow for insane zooming). It’s a bit off your core of 3D mapping but I assume it would be easy to implement.

On a related note, how about the ability to adjust jpg compression for the exported image - give users the option under an advanced setting.

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Hi Whaleya,

Thanks for your post - some great ideas for new features!

On the “2D image” export, is the idea to avoid the artifacts introduced around vertical surfaces (such as building edges) on your export? This is certainly something we’re looking into and should be providing in the future.

For the “gigapan” do you mean a large mosaic / panorama made from your images? In my mind this is similar to the first request in terms of merging the images together as one large panorama rather than doing the 3d reconstruction, and if so see my above comment, i.e. yes we’re looking into adding this feature in the future.

Optional jpg compression is a great idea; right now you can set the resolution, but we could definitely allow more fine-grained control. Are there any other settings / features for your exports you can think of? We will work on adding this in the near future.

Thanks again,



So I am coming at this from more of a photography standpoint verses a cartography standpoint. Yes, there are artifacts on building edges. But your software does a great job of automatically stitching together images. If I could get the 2D result of the images stitched together it would be great (ie no 3D processing). Maybe you could have a lower res free and higher res (native dpi of input images) for a paid service level or watermark the image on free, no watermark on paid.

For my related post on gigapan - have you seen gigapan style images? On the surface they are taken with a zoom lens and a computerized camera mount. The result is hundreds or thousands of images and they are stitched together. You can zoom in to an insane level of detail. For example from a city skyline to a person in a window. You could something similar here. Fly the drone really low, take lots of photos (multi battery). It’s related to my first request, just at an insanely higher DPI along with an online viewer as most computers cant deal with gigbyte sized image files.

Thanks for listening!