2021 User Wishlist

Well, we’ve almost made it. The end of one of the most challenging years is recent history. We feel blessed in construction to have had as much work as we have and that directly affects our drone operations which has expanded from and average of 20 projects monitored at any given time to 30-35. As we look forward to 2021 our backlog is good and it’s time to think about what improvements and fixes are at the top of the user wishlist. I pulled this from experience and the topics from the forum so please vote for your most wanted. Please try to limit to 3-5 votes so we get some actual usable data we can give DroneDeploy to say Hmmm about… Have a great rest of your 2020!

  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK Support
  • Mavic Air 2 Support
  • Mavic Mini (2) Support
  • Autel Evo II Support
  • Improve UI Load Times
  • Fix Precision Point Return
  • Better Formatting and Control of Reports
  • 3D Cut/Fill Red, White and Blue Gradient for All Accounts
  • Stop Charging Enterprise Customers for All the New Extras
  • Sharing of Videos or an Embed from / Direct Link To YouTube
  • GCP Markers on Map
  • Improved Terrain Following
  • Improved Linear Flight
  • Release Shutter and White Balance Camera Controls
  • Export KML Flight Plan

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Something I forgot to put on here that we sorely need is the ability to manage our exports. We download allot of content and sometimes multiple versions of the same type of export that the users do not need to see. It would be nice to either control who sees what or even easier just give us the ability to delete the exports once we have downloaded what we need so that the clients only see what is most relevant to them. Most “normal” people don’t care anything about the point cloud, DXF or a 0.8in/px ortho… Until this happens it is just another roadblock to getting more people to use the website instead of recreating content outside of it.

Another item that may not be a widespread need is group management for Enterprise customers. There are some things being worked on so we’ll wait and see.

Better control of project updates and more professional consolidated notifications to the project team.

@MichaelL, Yes, we have almost made it!

What do you think about applying data science and take benefit in some cases where we’ve worked and the innovative solutions we developed to solve them like,

  1. Performing GIS and Geo analytics on the data captured utilizing the drone flights.
  2. The LiDAR sensor data captured from the drone flight over the forest
  3. To automate the parking space monitoring and management by utilizing drones.
  4. Allow drones to take the decision in run time which improved the efficiency of drones in mast inspection to enable the Drone to make decisions before sending feedback to the ground.

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I like your line of thinking! We can tell that DroneDeploy is moving in the direction of more robust inspection and analysis workflows, but the majority of use currently comes from surveying and land development. I believe that as drones with the more specialized sensors become more financially feasible for more companies that there will be a more prominent drive for the capability to manage that data in DroneDeploy, but as it stands now inspections, GIS and very precise volumetric analyses are better served in the software that the professionals in those areas are already using.

It is very unlikely in the foreseeable future that DroneDeploy will be able to achieve the level of competency in those fields already served by software proven over decades. I’m not even sure they would want to or should. There needs to be careful thought when progressing to a project management solution as to not lose the integrity of the original purpose which was autonomous flight and mapping. We have already seen some of this over the last year with the large surge of new functionality that has been released leading into this new realm and I don’t think anyone wants to see iOS app v5.0 just yet.

Here we are at 2021! Thanks to everyone that voted and those who participate in make this product better. Here are the top 5 votes. @Mike_Winn @jono @Jamespipe @Anjanette_Hill @Andrew_Fraser

  1. Autel EVO II support
  2. The fixing of precision point return
  3. Improved Linear Flight
  4. Improved Terrain Following
  5. GCP marker layer for the map

Have a strong start to the new year!

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