2-way flight (horizontal and vertical) over the same area

Good Morning. I have a Mavic Pro 2 I would like to know how I plan a two-way flight (vertical and horizontal) in the planning of an area, can I do just one program?

Hi @andrelacerdabraganca welcome to the forum!

Currently, we do not have a way to create for vertical flight plans within DroneDeploy. It’s something our team is certainly looking into though!

In the meantime, you’ll likely need to use a plan where you use oblique imagery such as enhanced 3D mode so you can capture the imagery of the sides. You can read here for more information.

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Good morning @andrelacerdabraganca.
Assuming that dronedeploy can not do that for now, the enhanced 3d option is a good deal as @Kaitlin said.
Can you tell us exactly what is your end goal ? Maybe we can give you some useful tips about that.


My final goal is to make a flight with overlapping images to have better resolution in the orthophoto and cloud.

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ok. Is it a structure with a lot of details?