2 Successful flights

I have had two successful flights doing basic survey missions. Everything went very well after getting all pre-flight checks covered. However, I have had issues with the photos loading. It has been covered on here previously, but I thought I should mention it also. I have loaded them from micro SD onto laptop which takes VERY long. They all get to 90% and seemingly freeze, bit if you wait long enough they eventually load.

Also, what type of map are we supposed to be getting from these? Just a basic map? It looks like the Google map in enhanced color. Nothing useful or special. Am I not doing something right?
Thanks all

You should get an ortho map, which is similar to google maps but with higher quality, a digital elevation model, a 3D model, and if you have a modified camera you can get NDVI for crop health evaluation.

What type of map are you looking to obtain? There is a long list of uses for the orthomosaic map, which looks like an updated google map. Some of them are crop scouting, surveying, construction, crime scene recreation (car crashes), damage assessment for insurance, mapping disaster areas, wildfire preservation, livestock counting, and many more. A lot of our beta users are already using their data for their businesses.

I was hoping to see a 3D and elevation map.

thise should be available on your map. The top left select box lets you switch between them.

I only get one option, ortho.

The first map that you have only has 1 image. It doesn’t look like the others were uploaded yet. https://www.dronedeploy.com/app/data?planId=55b41dbe2b137504c43ca67b

The second map does appear to have all three options. https://www.dronedeploy.com/app/data?planId=55b667f42b137515509b9d65

Awesome! It has three options now. It didn’t before. Also, what is the wait time for a model to load?
The first model shows I have 32 pics uploaded.

One other question, is it possible to stitch several models together for a complete town?

What do you mean wait time for the model to load? Do you mean how long does it take to process after you upload your photos?

It is possible to get a complete town. I’ll let our map guy @jeremy let you know some tips for getting that to work.

Yes, process time. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

It should be maximum a few hours after the photos have been uploaded. It can also be much quicker. If it ever takes more than 4-5 hours you can contact us and we’ll check to see if anything is slowing it down.

Thank you for your reply.