2 Ph4 PRO Turn off in the air and crashed

Summary of Issue: Starting everything as usual. Checklist checked in DD, home point updated, and then took off. After few flights with DD, in a middle of a flight we lost the signal and the drone crashed . We doubted that it was because of the batteries but the next day the same issue happened with another PH4PRO. We need to know what is the problem with our Drones. P.S: We worked with Dronedeploy for a long time (2 Years) .

Date Issue Began: 17/07/2018

Drone Model: dji PH4PRO

Mobile Device Model and OS version: Samsung Tab A Android 7.0

DroneDeploy App Version: 2.78.0

I had a Phantom 4 Pro drop straight out of the air about 2 weeks ago when initiating RTH during a multi-battery mission.

iOS 11.4.1
DD App 2.7.9

Presumably this would have taken place after the multi-battery app update? Was there much damage?

I didn’t even know about an update. It was a complete loss. We are looking at the logs.

Hi Mr Jono,
We had exactly the same problem with a PH4Pro and we really need to figure out what happened.

Hi @Belimam_Souhail

Thank you for reaching out to let us know about this situation. We take these situations incredibly seriously as our success depends on yours. A crashed drone is never a pleasant experience and I want you to ensure you that we will provide our best support in order to assist you.

If you could please look out for a message to your email from Support regarding this issue we would be most appreciative. We will be working with you to help identify the cause here.

Thank you and please do reach in the meantime with any questions and I will be more than happy to further assist. Looking forward to speaking with you.


DroneDeploy Customer Support