1st V8 Flight and Thoughts

Upgraded my bird to V8 and went out to get in a quick survey mission. Drone settings were at precision and normal overlap and I must say the flight was “Rock Solid”. The AC never deviated from the flight plan and literally landed at my feet once the mission was over. My suggestions / thoughts are -

1 - After the mission has completed I get an endless loop were the drone tries uploading the photo but the screen continued to update with ready to download 0 of 142 pictures. I eventually had to exit into the OS and kill DD for it was unresponsive. We need a more graceful way to start another mission.

2 - Sanity / Stability check is desired. Once auto-takeoff is initiated the drone immediately ascends to one of the selected altitudes. Could we not incorporate in DD instructions for the drone to lift off and hover at around 6 - 8 feet for 30 seconds so the pilot can confirm the craft is stable before continuing on with the mission?

  1. We will get rid of the downloads soon. We are working on making new mission work well this week. It’s one of the last major annoyances with the regular use of the app.

  2. That would be interesting. It is possible a user takes off manually before starting the mission (after the checklist has passed) so we would need to check if that is the case so it doesn’t come back down to 6-8 feet in case they manually took off to avoid obstacles. I’ll add this to our feedback so we can think of a good way to do something like this.

Thanks for all the feedback and I’m glad it’s working well so far for you.


Interesting that you mentioned manual takeoff was an option as I honestly didn’t know that was an option.

Does one to takeoff manually after checklist passes and then press the DD takeoff button once you have AC in safe area?

I haven’t really done it but it is possibly to start the mission once your in the air. I think we could probably have a message at the bottom when the checklist passes.

Yes, just push the start button once you’re in the area you wish to start from. We have a waypoint above the home location so it will always start there.

today tested 2 flight v8 inspire 1 stable like rock mission complete cant upload in field the pictures from the inspire just didnt work
all otrher things work very smooth

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