1600 Hectares?

Hi there I have P4 with 3 batteries. When i draw the map everything ok. But i have not fly yet. So, will u offer anything special for me?


1600 ha? Really?? Or you mean 16 ha?

A football (or soccer) field is about 1 ha (10 000 square meters) so… 1600 hectares is something like 1600 football fields!!! Isn’t that to much?

I use a P3 (not much different from the P4, just less 3 or 4 minutes fly) and with a single battery, for a safe survey fly I can cover 30 to 40 hectares in 15 to 16 min more or less… it depends on many conditions… but that is 0,4 square km… 1600 hectare is 16 square km… I think even with a fixed wing drone (bigger fly times) you would need to do multiple flyes to cover all area… isn’t better to use an airplane? :slight_smile:

Yes its true 16 square km. I dont have wing plane and i have to it with my P4 :slight_smile:

When battery is low, DD is coming automatically or i have to bring home manuel?

Hi again!

First of all, you should read al the tips by DroneDeploy team, they give good advices on that :slight_smile:

Second, you can play a big area, bigger than your battery flight time, the app is supposed to bring back your drone to home point.

  • What is the set altitude for your survey?
  • How much minutes it says in your flight plan to complete the whole survey?
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Hello. We did 1200 ha in a two days work. Two P3 with 8 batteries and full access to electric power for battery charging.
Good luck in your fligh.

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Hi there,

So good to hear it.

What is your altitude?

Its important for me to take photos at same time (sun position is important.) Im planning 11AM to 1 PM

100 m 30% overlap. Time from 1045 to 1430.