1-Click Map .......... No flyable Drone

Hi people,
Can someone please explain why the 1-Click Map always shows the comment “No flyable drone” please ?

Hi @TonyM - 1 Click map is a left over field from the days when we flew 3DR drones on our web interface. It will be gone soon- sorry for the confusion.

DJI drones are flyable only through our mobile app- please see here for more information:

Do you have any plans to bring something back like the Co-Pilot? I have an older AgEagle that I would like to upgrade to have PixHawk. But, without the co-pilot i’m not gaining anything.

I have a co-pilot I use to use on a fixed wing (Pixhawk autopilot). Will sell it if you are interested. dparrish@hovervisions.com

No current plans- we’ve discontinued all CoPilots for now, so if you bought Dale’s you wouldn’t be able to fly with it on DroneDeploy (sorry to ruin your sale @Dale_Parrish :sweat_smile:)

Thanks Neema. No problem on the sale. If it doesn’t work, I don’t want to sell it and then have to return the money. I thought you could fly with it but you couldn’t transmit images over LTE for immediate processing . . . In other words, you could plan a flight, monitor the flight, trigger the camera and that is it. Is that incorrect?

Yeah, that would be cool if it would at least fly. I’m not worried about transmitting the images over LTE. I’m assuming AgEagle is using something like the CoPilot to use DroneDeploy on the newer models. It just kind of sucks that there is probably no way I can get the same device to use on the older AgEagle. I doubt they would sell that part to me.


You meant to say “3DR drones are flyable only through…”


Hi @William_Salopek only customers who were existing AgEagle customers are currently able to fly using a hardware integration. All other customers can automate flights only for DJI drones, which is done through our mobile app. Please see here for more information on compatibility