Feature Requests

Basic farm data entry and query (2)
Compute mission from a different height than takeoff (9)
Altitude check before mission starts and 2 pass flight settings (4)
Desktop Folder Sorting (3)
3D Model - Structure Scan Measurements (4)
Backround Map During Upload (3)
Camera Preview Window during Planning (2)
Linear Flight Planning app feedback (2)
Compatibility with TopCon TopNet Live (4)
Override DJI Go settings for max dist and height (6)
Be smarter when flying the mission (9)
Advanced 3D mode capturing (3)
REQUEST for NDRE algorithm (2)
Calibrate Elevation - Add Lat/Lon? (3)
Auto Export Preparation (6)
Subsequent parts of mission need to begin at the end point of previous mission (3)
Roof Inspections - Walls and Perimeters (5)
Image Gallery Sharing (2)
Timeline - Multiple Maps On Screen (2)
Needing a NDVI compatible with Phantom 3 Pro (4)
Location files for non geotagged images (8)
Is it possible to make this application available for xiaomi mi drone? (2)
Advice on new roof analysis tool (4)
Spherical 360 Viewer (6)
Photo Gallery (4)
Visualization of the Base Surface for Volume Calculations (2)
Cancel and restart mission (5)
Spark support (9)
DJI M210 Landing Gear in Shot Issue (4)
Use Drone to Drop Waypoints for Map Creation (2)