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App for flight plans below 66 ft (20 m) (1)
Overlay GeoRSS or GeoJSON on Map (1)
Flight Planning over existing DD maps (14)
Overlay soil maps over my field data (7)
Vertical Inspection (7)
Video Fly Through (3)
Export directly to G-Drive, Dropbox, etc (2)
Variable Rate Prescription with DD ,SHP file? (7)
Levels grid (11)
Export jpg and pdf files with measurements (11)
Elevation above Sea Level (14)
Counting Solar panels (5)
Circular Flight Paths ( 2 ) (21)
Grid (cross - hatch) and linear flight patterns (5)
Manually enter GPS coordinates to add location marker (12)
Counting Abalone in rectangular tanks (7)
Google Drive or Dropbox Integration (11)