Slow download speeds


Slow downloads for Exports:

On and off for weeks:

PC / Chrome:

I have recently been experiencing very very slow downloads when trying to export. When I say slow, I mean 1Mb per minute slow. Surely I shouldn’t have to wait 4 hours to download a 230Mb file export? And that’s if it downloads. One attempt got to 180Mb before stalling and not restarting and the second to about 7Mb before also stalling.

I have asked the IT department who quite rightly point out that any other download from any other source remains lightning quick, taking just seconds to download 200Mb.

Edit:- Nope, third attempt has stalled at 9.3Mb and will have to cancel and start again.

Edit:- Fifth time lucky.

Uploading Flight Photos

Hi @JamesC,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing slow downloading times with exporting. I wish I could pinpoint a reason for you but it’s hard to tell when every operating system, environment, and device is different. Did you happen to try downloading the exports on a different device?



Hi Christina. Yes, downloaded on my Windows 10 workstation in the office, Windows 9(?) laptop and my iPad and phone. All the same. I assumed the problem was at your end but if nobody else is experiencing the same problems then it’s hard to confirm it is. J.


Hi @JamesC,

I haven’t seen anyone else report this issue yet but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.



I am having the same problem. Had a 167M flight and the download took several hours (went to bed with it still running) for 84 pictures.

I am on a high speed internet connection.

How can we speed it up?


Hi @JamesC and @JohnB,

It’s very difficult to say what the root of the issue is if it’s not consistent or reproducible a decent percentage of the time. Since every connection and setup varies as well, there isn’t a stable solution or explanation I can share since it can be a different reason for each person. I do suggest closing out any apps, windows, or tabs that may be taking up a lot of processing power though. I notice that having programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite tend to slow down things on my laptop drastically, no matter what I’m trying to do.




I don’t think it’s a local problem as I’ve experienced it at home on the laptop also. Hard to pinpoint I know.

That said, I have just successfully downloaded the same 220mb file in a 2 or 3 minutes using my S8+ phone and WiFi at home. Maybe it’s a different device. Maybe it’s because it’s my home WiFi and not office network. Maybe because it’s 21:20 and not 09:00. Who knows? It’s not the PC. It’s extremely powerful and although does have Adobe Suite and of course Office on it as well, I would say it was absolutely fine a few weeks ago. I’m sure it has since gone through a few updates over that time but I can still download from other sources super quick.

What I have also discovered however in the last 20 minutes is that I can no longer download an export through the app, whether it be the app on Android or iOS, nor through Chrome or Safari on iOS, in mobile mode or desktop. I can however download through Chrome on Android. I click on the attachment in the app and nothing happens.

Thanks again for your help.


Hello @JamesC for best results, I would export via a computer on Google Chrome or FireFox.


Hello @Yusuf. Unfortunately these best results took 5 attempts and several hours yesterday and why I flagged the problem. I may try Firefox next week however.

I do question why the app provides the functionality to download but not the ability. I’m sure it used to work.


To my remembrance I had nothing else running, but will ensure all other apps are turned off next time.

BTW I am running Win 10 and Chrome 66 64 bit.


Hi @JohnB,

Unfortunately, there is not much I can do to diagnose or troubleshoot. :frowning: If the issue becomes consistent and is reproducible at a steady rate, then we may be able to take a deeper dive into the issue. Sometimes there are just bad days with the network, website, device, etc. Sorry I can’t provide a logical answer.