Mavic Air Compatibility with DroneDeploy


So does droneharmony


Do you have a date for Mavic Air Support


Hi everyone,

We do not have a date to announce or share at this time. As noted, we will update our pages promptly and make an announcement when support is officially provided for the Mavic Air. We are a fairly small team here so please bear with us.



Hi Christina,
You have news?


I would also be interested in using DroneDeploy. I flew a quarry yesterday with the Mavic Air manually and would be really happy to preplan my surveys. Any news on availability?


Hi all,

I do not have any updates. We promise we will share this as soon as we officially support it.



Hi Christina and all,

While Mavic Air is all the rage, I was more curious what’s with the silence about the support for Mavic Pro Platinum?

Quite detailed reasons for delay with Mavic Air support were given by DroneDeploy but what makes Platinum one so different from regular Mavic Pro that after all this time there’s still nothing on it. Would be informative to know :mortar_board:

With its flight time and range due to OcuSync while still being portable, I found it a better tool than Mavic Air for mapping need of larger areas.
Though someone mentioned Mavic Platinum’s narrower angle of view, I actually prefer it as it allows me to clear taller structures while keeping the same px/cm resolution.

Looking forward to your input, everyone.