[Issue] iOS 11 + Mavic Air : Drone Connected - Waiting For Drone


Summary of Issue:
iOS app indicates drone is connected, but flight cannot be started; ‘save’ disk icon remains where flight start should be; alert says “USB Connected - Waiting For Drone”
All firmware, maps, and other software is up to date; maps are downloaded for offline use.

Troubleshooting done

  1. checked DJI app has been force quit and is not running before running Drone Deploy app.
  2. shut down all devices and restarted
  3. checked multiple (7+) GPS satellites are connected
  4. uninstalled and reinstalled app
  5. ensured all batteries are fully charged
  6. tried alternate, test flight plans

Date Issue Began:
Upon first install and use.

Drone Model:
DJI Mavic Air

Mobile Device Model and OS version:
iOS 11.3 - iPhone X

DroneDeploy App Version:


Hi @SMDoherty1,

We do not officially support the DJI Mavic Air at the moment, which is likely why you are having issues. However, we do intend to support this model once DJI adds SDK support and fixes the image geotagging which is causing the Latitude and Longitude to be inaccurate. Once we add support, our Supported Drones page will be updated.



Thanks, Christina.
Will I be allowed to sign up for another trial when the Mavic Air is supported?


Hi @SMDoherty1,

Each email address is only allowed 1 trial.