Auto Flights Mode (beta) Terrain


Can someone please tell me there experience with the Terrain option? Does it follow the terrain as per MapPilot keeping a constant elevation off the ground or is it just a constant altitude above the highest point?


It is a constant elevation above the ground. The MSL altitude will adjust to the terrain data it has available, so it will raise and lower keeping a constant AGL altitude above the known ground elevation it is flying over.


Perfect - that is exactly what we are looking for!

I am assuming that with the Phantom 4 Pro restriction on 100 waypoints that this will come into play with flight planning over country that has a lot of changes in elevation.

Does anyone have any field experience of how well the system is working in practice?


Is the Beta terrain feature available to anyone?

I signed up for this beta feature awhile back and never heard anything.


Try add the Auto Flight mode app from the app section.

Although I had access to this before I signed up to the Beta so I’m not sure if it’s the same one tbh.
(I too have heard nothing regarding the beta since i signed up, but i recently read they process applications once a month manually.)


Hi @NewPerspectiveAerial,

We currently have the Auto Flight Modes (DD Labs) - Field, Terrain, Structures, and Crosshatch available for download in our App Market. Please note that since this is a beta app, there is no guarantee that it will or should work without issues.



What terrain dataset is the terrain following mode based upon? Is it DEM or SRTM data?